outstaffing with attitude

Use all the benefits of remote cooperation for efficient business management: speed, flexibility and cost savings on hiring.

Get the results of the work of professionals for the realization of your projects with cost savings up to 80% monthly.
About us
SWSALES is an outstaffing agency. We provide a choice of contract in the jurisdictions of Israel or the European Union.

Why choose us?

Our specialists will be happy to share their expertise based on the knowledge of what is currently working on the market.
Quick and accurate selection of specialists you need to perform specific tasks remotely.
The Personal Manager organizes and supervises the management of the process of performing the services under the contract. We release our customers from legal and accounting concerns.
Reducing the time and financial costs of recruitment in your country, personnel administration and accounting.
Savings up to 80% per month!
Quality and professionalism: we carefully select the best specialists with experience and real cases.
Our company is the executor of the contract, therefore we take full responsibility for the successful cooperation and result.
We replace the specialist free of charge at the request of the customer.
Subject-Matter Expert
We provide services of professionals from different countries and cities of b2b market in the following directions:
Internet Marketing:
Traffic, Content, Lead generation, Targeting, SMM.
Design and multimedia

Information Technology (IT)
The flexibility of personnel management and choice of cooperation – you get the required specialist on request for the period when it is needed.
How does it work?
Problem Statement
We clarify the requirements for the nature, scope and duration of the specialist's work. We're doing a portrait of who you want
The conclusion of the contract
Between the customer and SWSales specifying the obligations of the parties, the terms and costs of the works
Selection of specialists
According to the requirements for specific tasks
Monitoring and reporting
Daily monitoring of the process of performing work under the contract by the personal manager of our company
Our Contacts
Feel free to write or call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Do you need a professional?
Make a request and we'll be in touch
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